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Making Menopause Magical for the Holidays!

If they’re not sure which special gift to give you this Holiday Season, I’ve got them covered! What woman wouldn’t want the gift of RELIEF?  Let me help your loved ones help YOU to GET YOUR HAPPY BACK! After all, aren’t we the ones who...

Is it Just Hormones? The Complexity of Women’s Health

We often talk about hormones in reference to puberty, menstruation and thankfully, more recently in regards to Perimenopause and Menopause as well.  Quite often, women associate their hormones with being emotional or moody.  However, we all have hormones, and they serve as messengers, controlling and coordinating...

Thanks (But No Thanks) For the Memories

A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Sorting Through your Kids’ Stuff

The tears began on the second day. It was after I’d already cleaned out the unwanted “junk” that had found its way into the far corners of my full to the gills, packed like sardines, up to the rafters, saturated attic. I had started sorting through those random broken picture frames, prehistoric lamps, unused diet books, a Furbie (remember those scary creatures that randomly began talking in the middle of the night?), puzzles and board games with missing pieces (did I really move four times with this crap?) that I had saved and one time must have thought, “One day I’ll use this” or “One day someone will want this.” Really?!