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May 1, 2019

Mother’s Day Wellness Gift Guide

We love our Mom’s, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, Girlfriends and Daughters and want them to be as healthy and happy as possible. Right?! So, I’ve

April 2, 2019

Thanks (But No Thanks) For the Memories

A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Sorting Through your Kids’ Stuff The tears began on the second day. It was after I’d already cleaned out the un

December 10, 2018

De-Stress over the Holidays

Parties, shopping, caroling, baking, decorating, cooking. It’s all supposed to bring Joy, Peace and Good Will!

December 2, 2018

Are You Stressed Out?

Often times we menopausal women don’t realize that our stress levels are elevated.  We somehow grow accustomed to the chronic stress we experience

November 21, 2018

Where Did You Learn…

I was a bit floored; I’ll be honest with you.  Last week, I created a survey entitled, “My Menopause Experience”.  I wanted to get some input