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Author: Lorraine Miano

The Benefits Of Tea for Perimenopause & Menopause

    I have to admit, give me a cup of something warm (especially in winter) and my cozy meter is elevated. Just wrapping my hands around that warm mug is enough to relax my body and get all the good feels! It evokes memories of family holidays,...

Thanks (But No Thanks) For the Memories

A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Sorting Through your Kids’ Stuff

The tears began on the second day. It was after I’d already cleaned out the unwanted “junk” that had found its way into the far corners of my full to the gills, packed like sardines, up to the rafters, saturated attic. I had started sorting through those random broken picture frames, prehistoric lamps, unused diet books, a Furbie (remember those scary creatures that randomly began talking in the middle of the night?), puzzles and board games with missing pieces (did I really move four times with this crap?) that I had saved and one time must have thought, “One day I’ll use this” or “One day someone will want this.” Really?!

Where Did You Learn…

I was a bit floored; I’ll be honest with you.  Last week, I created a survey entitled, “My Menopause Experience”.  I wanted to get some input and feedback from women experiencing different stages of menopause that would help me with the best ways I could...