making menopause magical


From Katie…(Northport, N.Y.)

Lorraine has helped me see the importance of a routine, which has allowed me to set goals and stick to them. I am much more active than I was. It is more of my socializing, because I didn’t want to see people. I felt invisible. With losing some weight, I have more confidence to show up physically as well as mentally. Lorraine made me responsible for my goals! There has never been any pressure, just reassurance that I am doing the right things for myself. Lorraine has such a genuine caring for myself and others to succeed, I think that is why she is so good at helping others to help themselves. Lorraine has a natural talent to make it work!


From Kyle….(Raleigh, N.C.)

Lorraine encouraged me to be more forgiving of myself – to learn to have a “positive mindset”. She helped me to connect the benefits of nutrition/exercise/sleep/ to become a healthier person emotionally and physically. The depression I have struggled with for years is lessening. I am feeling better about myself and feel “in control” of my lifestyle. I am recognizing the things that stress me out and I have tools to deal with them.

Lorraine is absolutely wonderful. She is accepting, encouraging, understanding, and kind. She doesn’t criticize me; she listens to me and offers solutions to my needs. She doesn’t make me feel stupid or childish. She has provided me with the tools to improve. I know I can call her for anything and she will be there. I would recommend Lorraine to anyone who needs to get their life back on track, including their health, relationships, diet/nutrition, exercise. If you can’t jump=start your life on your own, or stick to the goals you set for yourself, you need a coach who will help you. Lorraine is the person for you!__

From Mary Ann…(Phoenix, AZ)

Since working with Lorraine, the most significant overall change I have noticed has been a complete sense of well being.  This was life changing for me. Lorraine is a calm, positive person that truly cares about my well being and achieving my goals.  I would recommend Lorraine to anyone who wants a well balanced and meaningful life.


From Shannon…(Wake Forest, NC)

I was able to work toward my goals by being part of a supportive group of women led by Lorraine.  I felt as though I was not alone in my thoughts and practices. Lorraine was educational, but also empathetic.  I felt and still feel that Lorraine understands the struggles of trying your best and is a wonderful resource for continuing this journey as I progress towards a healthier me!  I am now making strides to keep positive people and things in my life.  I have never had the strength or confidence to stand by that in the past, until this group class.


From Carla…(Wake Forest, NC)

Lorraine provided the support and accountability I needed to remain focused on a healthier lifestyle.  Each session was filled with empowering guidance, practical tips and useful techniques and recipes to make my life and my family’s life more healthy.  I feel an inner sense of empowerment.  I can say “no”.  I can set boundaries.  I can take time for myself and I find I am a better wife, mother, daughter and professional.


From Laura…(Wake Forest, NC)

Lorraine has helped me reach my goals by offering support and suggestions for different foods/replacement foods, providing tools to change my mental outlook (Primary Foods), recipes and workshops.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning this group program has been weight loss! I also find that I have become a more positive person.  I’m learning not to sweat “the small stuff” and look at the big picture.  I am also learning that it’s OK to be a little selfish-that my happiness is just as important as my family’s.  It’s OK to say no to things and to take time for myself, without guilt!  Lorraine is understanding and realistic. She doesn’t expect you to be perfect and is understanding that life is stressful!  I would recommend Lorraine to anyone who is looking to make a positive physical and emotional change in their life.


From Marcia P….(Wake Forest, NC)

Lorraine provided guidance, recommendations and tools on nutrition, supplements and exercise.  She helped me lay the ground work.  Lorraine is intelligent, knowledgable, giving, compassionate, funny and extremely supportive.


From Briony…(Wake Forest, NC)

My top goals when I started this program were to start feeling better about myself and improving my self-esteem.  Meeting with Lorraine and talking with her made me feel stronger and gave me a better sense of myself and my life.  I now have better self esteem.  I challenge myself more.  I am not as hard on myself, when I want to take a break (meaning taking a break is ok to do!).  Lorraine is a strong, confident woman who is making it her goal to help other women gain confidence and strength in themselves. I didn’t realize how much I needed Lorraine’s guidance until I went to her first class. This is a game changer people!! Take care of yourself and take one of her classes. It is a FANTASTIC investment!!


From Tammy R…(Wake Forest, NC)

When I joined Lorraine’s nutrition class, I thought I knew about good nutrition and taking care of myself.   I quickly realized I didn’t know as much as I thought I did!  Lorraine’s classes are packed full of information that she has researched and that she practices herself.  She is very knowledgeable and presents in a personal, non-judgmental  way.   I was introduced to the concept “clean eating” which includes switching to organics, adding more greens, cooking at home more and supplementing with vitamins.  Because of taking her classes, I made changes in my kids’ diets as well.  Now, we eat more organic and less processed foods.

Lorraine’s classes go beyond good nutrition for the body.  I learned to take better care of my soul. One of the most important things I learned was “to be present”.  As a busy mom of three kids, it’s easy to get caught up in my “to do” list.  Lorraine helped me to let go and just be.  I learned to savor the moments and experiences with the people I love the most.

It’s easy to forget about taking care of myself.  Thank you Lorraine for helping me get my priorities straight.  The changes you shared have forever changed my life.


From Jodie D. (Raleigh, NC)

Lorraine Miano is an outstanding Wellness Coach, whom I would proudly recommend to anyone looking for a Coach, Mentor, Friend and Supporter.  Lorraine has a unique style in that she educates and encourages without being judgmental and pushy.  She is a wealth of knowledge and is always accessible for questions/ideas/support.  After completing my first few sessions with Lorraine, I was able to make small changes that had lasting impacts for myself and my family.  Lorraine takes you on a journey that ultimately changes your perspective on food, relationships, spirituality and ultimately healthful living.  I am personally better for knowing Lorraine and am proud to call her one of my tribe.