My Confession about My Vanity

I have to admit, ten plus years ago when I first started on my road to a healthier life, it wasn’t always along a straight path. I took some twists and turns along the way, and maybe even reached some dead ends.  Menopause had found its way into my already stress ridden life.  I began to perceive myself as getting “older”, that my youth was slipping away.  I didn’t quite “get” what being healthy was really about. You see, I thought it was about losing weight.   I for sure thought it was about a smaller waist, less wrinkles or maybe even owning six pack abs.   I began to yearn for my “youth”.  Let’s face it, my vanity had taken over the steering wheel and was leading me into uncharted territory.

I started reading books on how to recapture my youth.  There are tons of them out there.  I was looking for ways to be “more beautiful” or “younger”.  Well as luck would have it, I came across a book which talked about “transforming your life and beauty from the inside out”. WHAT? I can do that? Heck yeah!
What I soon realized was, up until that point, the journey that I found myself on was really more about what I looked like, not about how Ifelt.  I wanted to look younger, be younger!  Unbeknownst to me I had set my GPS on the wrong course.

Once I started really implementing living a healthy lifestyle, eating good foods, doing some moderate exercises, and reducing the stress in my life… I soon found that I began to feel fantastic.  My energy level increased and more importantly, my happiness level began to surge.  Oh, and all those other things I was worried about, the weight and wrinkles?  They improved too! Incredible side effects of living a healthy life! I might have to face the fact that the six pack abs are just not in my future. But that is ok!
It’s sometimes hard to admit to others that it was my own vanity that led me down the path to what ended up being a life altering experience for me.  I am however thankful that it did.  For now I truly know what a healthy life is really about.  It is about feeling good.  It is about embracing new experiences and challenges.  It is about being happy, being present and truly enjoying each moment of your life.

How fortunate I am to be able to share my knowledge with other women navigating this time of their lives.
Menopause is just a term. It does not define us.  Age is just a number.  It does not own us.