making menopause magical


In 2016, certified integrative health coach Lorraine Miano became an author. Her first book, The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Backis a guide to help women live their lives healthy and happy at any age and can be purchased on

Becoming a grandmother, inspired Lorraine to write the book. As her oldest son, Nick and daughter-in-law Jayne were about to give birth to Lorraine’s first grandchild, she knew she needed to make some lifestyle changes to have more energy and fewer aches and pains. She had distinct and loving memories of her two grandmothers and what they did and didn’t do to take care of themselves.

The book provides insight, tips, recipes and other resources to prepare and support women through menopause.

Reviews include:

“What a fun, refreshing, and joyful take on a time of life that most of us dread. This little gem of a book is peppered with information, tips, and inspiration for any woman who is going through big hormonal changes”.
-Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green

“Inspiring! Lorraine covered all the major issues with menopause simply but with enough detail that women can follow easily. Encouraging positivity and a happy ending is so very important as many menopause women are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel as they feel so overwhelmed and miserable.  My eldest daughter is now in her very early forties so I will be passing the book for her to read (after my colleagues have had it first!)
-Eileen Durward, A Vogel menopause expert

“I am a woman who just turned 40, not yet in menopause, but I know that this is something that will be just around the corner. I love the holistic approach to health, and had a feeling this book would be right up my alley when it comes to prepping for that “special time” in a woman’s life. Over the past week, I have spent every night before bed reading this book and have been more inspired than I have been with almost anything. Lorraine inspires the reader (me) to be a better person, wanting more for my future, my health, and my loved ones, for me to live the best life I can be. Her inspiration to live life to the fullest until the day it’s all said and done… just what I need for a swift kick on the rear to love my body, know what I am doing to it and putting in it, and taking better care of myself. As a holistic coach, Lorraine delivers the information with love, care, and motivation to take each day by the horns and LIVE IT! Grab this book as quick as you can! You won’t regret it!!! A great gift for yourself or a woman in your life whom you want to inspire before, or during menopause!”
-Shannon C.

“I’ve been blogging about menopause for five years on my site, Friend for the I’ve read a lot of menopause literature! Lorraine Miano’s The Magic of Menopause is one of the finest resources I’ve found. Lorraine captures, with wit and grace, the good and the bad about The Change of Life. She combines up-to-date medical information and practical advice with an upbeat and authentic philosophy for making these years glow with magic. A must read for every woman over forty-five!”
– Barbara Younger, Friend for the Ride.

“I am happy to recommend Lorraine Miano’s The Magic of Menopause because I have so many women who reach out to Menopause Chicks on a daily basis with questions about surgically induced menopause via hysterectomy. It’s so wonderful to read an “I made it/you can too” story from someone who has travelled that same journey! This book will be a great support to any woman travelling through midlife looking for a “personal coach” to take with them for the ride!”
-Shirley Weir, Menopause Chicks

Lorraine is currently working on her next book, so be sure to check back here or on her Making Menopause Magical Facebook page for more information. To get monthly health and menopause tips, sign up for The Hot Flash newsletter.