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    Menopause support and resources for women in all phases of The Change! 

    Lorraine Miano is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and author who provides menopause support and resources to women in all phases of menopause. She believes it’s time to change how we think and act about the change of life. Steps can be taken at any age to keep menopause symptoms from affecting a woman’s life in a negative way.

    Through group coaching sessions, holistic nutrition and other resources, Lorraine addresses women’s concerns about weight gain, slowing metabolism and aging to help them get their happy back for a life with more energy and less stress.

    In her first book, The Magic of Menopause, Lorraine writes about what it takes to make lifestyle changes that help women live healthy and happy lives at any age.

    Contact Lorraine today for a free 30-minute phone consultation to see how she can help you.

    “Menopause can be magical. It can be your freedom years. This–more than any other time in your life–is yours to embrace and celebrate.”  –Lorraine Miano, providing menopause support through health coaching, nutrition and books.